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Cancer Warrior Mama

Hi, I’m Melissa. You may know me as the creator of the first teething mitten, The Munch Mitt. I have Cancer, and I'm sharing my story to help mom's, dads and anyone who's been affected by cancer.

I’m 42; a wife and mommy to three boys: 9, 7 and 2. Last March I was skiing with family and friends. Little did I know that less than a month later I would be diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL)

Early Symptoms

I began having extreme neuropathy pain, my right ear lobe was numb, I had bruising around my eyes, I was tired and I was scared.


Life Interrupted

I attempted to be admitted to a hospital but was denied because of Covid-19 restrictions. I went to another hospital two days later and was admitted and told, “You have Cancer.” My first thought was "What about my babies and my husband? How would my parents and sister take the news?" I thought about my friends and how dear they are to me. I thought about the company and my dog rescue. My world was stripped away in hours.

The Journey

Cancer is not a solo journey. It changes not only you but those close to you. While cancer has taken a grip on my body, I refuse to let it take over my mind. I overcame a 5 month hospital stay during covid, rounds of radiation, chemotherapy, outpatient clinic visits, tests, and even a near fatal liver infection.

On World Cancer Day, ironically, I had my stem cell transplant and rebirth. I am sharing my story today to bring awareness to the early signs and symptoms of ALL and the importance of medical advancements, donating blood or stem cells and financially. I want to enable even more cancer patients to have a successful outcome and that one day there will be a cure available for everyone. 


For info on blood donation in the USA click here