Safe Shopping

Recent surveys show that 70% of consumers still prefer to shop in brick & and mortar stores.  As a parent, we understand the need to use all of our senses to test a product, especially one that will be in your baby’s mouth.  On the flipside, Malarkey Kids is a band of mothers who also understand the benefits of shopping in our pajamas from the comfort of our own couches. Unfortunately, the online shopping world as we know it is still the Wild West with a growing amount of counterfeits and knock-offs being offered through third-party sellers and online companies.

Malarkey Kids is proud to say that we invented the Munch Mitt, the original silicone teething mitten, and although some would say imitation is a form of flattery we say it’s recipe for disaster.  Over the past year, several counterfeits and knock-off products have been popping up on third-party selling sites.  These products have not gone through the rigorous tests and safety standards that Malarkey Kids’ products have and may not be safe for your baby.  To help you better make an educated purchase, we’ve provided a guide to online shopping.


Where to buy:

  1. The best bet is shop directly from the manufacturer's website - hey you’re already here, Not only is this convenient, but there are also lots of benefits to shopping with us, including:
  • Guarantee of product authenticity.
  • Delivery tracking.
  • Return policy.
  • Our website offers really cute pictures of babies….awe!


  1. We've already mapped out a trusted local retailer  if you need the product today as teething babies are impatient; here are the benefits:
  • Guarantee of product authenticity.
  • Ability to use all your senses to ensure it’s right for you.
  • Posted return policy.

     3. Third party sellers - this is where it gets a bit tricky. Sometimes it’s hard to know if a product is the real deal, but we have a few tips to help you crack the counterfeit code:

    • First and foremost, it’s important to check the seller's name when shopping on Amazon. If you don’t know where to find the seller’s name, you’ll find it once you choose a product. You will see, “OTHER SELLERS ON AMAZON” and if the name seems like a big jumble of random letters, then they aren’t our approved seller and chances are they’re selling unsafe counterfeit products (our sellers have legitimate names).
    • If the price is too good to be true, meaning if the price is noticeably less than other listings, they’re probably knock-off products.
    • Don’t use them if there is no return policy or if the shipping date is long.
    • If the stitched wording “MUNCH MITT” is blurred out on the wrist strap on the listing image, then they’re clearly up to no good.

    Ok, so it was late at night and you didn’t have the chance to fully investigate the seller, how do you spot a counterfeit once it’s shipped? Before you open the box, look for these tell-tale counterfeit clues:

    • The product was shipped upside down.
    • Our white wash bag was not included.
    • The product looks dirty or dingy.
    • Don’t use the product if the silicone at the top turns white when you twist it as 100% food-grade silicone will not discolor when twisted.
    • The stitching doesn’t look neat and there are several hanging threads.
    • The product does not feel right.

    I think it's a counterfeit:

    If you find yourself doubting the authenticity of the product, then we strongly suggest you follow these steps to protect the safety of your baby and other babies.
    • Return the product to the seller.
    • Post a review on the seller's site to warn other consumers.
    • Contact the third party selling platform (eg Amazon, e-bay or Facebook) and let them know you purchased a counterfeit product and provide the seller’s name.
    Email us and share your experience as well as send us some photos of the product.

    Happy shopping!


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