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New Baby Gift Set- Pastel Peace

New Baby Gift Set- Pastel Peace

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Introducing our All-in-One Teething Bundle - The Ultimate Soothing Solution for Your Little One!

Tender gums and teething discomfort are no match for our carefully curated Teething Bundle. Designed to be your baby's best friend during those precious teething moments, this comprehensive set includes everything your little one needs to soothe those tender gums with style and comfort.

Inside Your Teething Bundle:
1 x Munch Mini: The Munch Mini is not just a set of mitts; it's a versatile 2-in-1 solution designed to protect your baby's delicate skin from scratches while also soothing teething discomfort. With its soft, comfortable fit and textured silicone surface, it's the perfect accessory for your little one's journey through teething. Designed for babies 0-3 months.
1 x Munch Mitt: Our innovative Munch Mitt is perfect for teething tots. It slips onto your baby's hand like a cozy glove, making self-soothing a breeze. Its textured surface provides a gentle massage to sore gums, and the crinkle sound adds a touch of sensory delight. Designed for babies 3+ months.
1 x Chew Cube: The fun doesn't stop with the Chew Cube. This delightful teething toy engages your baby with its unique shape and multiple textures. It's like a mini adventure for little hands and mouths, providing relief in every chew.
1 x Teether Tether + Teether: Our Teether Tether + Teether is designed to make teething a breeze for both babies and parents. This innovative combination features a secure teether tether that can be attached to your baby's clothing, preventing teething toys from dropping to the ground. The included teether is not just any teether; it's a gentle and textured solution designed to soothe sore gums and entertain your little one.
1 x Toothbrush Teether: Healthy gums and future dental hygiene go hand in hand with our Toothbrush Teether. Its bristle-like texture massages gums and gently prepares little mouths for the teeth that will soon appear.
With our Teething Bundle, you're equipped to handle every teething stage with ease. It's the perfect gift for your little one or a thoughtful present for new parents. We've got teething covered, so you can focus on making more sweet memories together.

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Discover the joy of soothing teething with our Teething Bundle. Get ready for smiles, giggles, and endless comfort. Your baby's precious smile awaits!

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